Top 4 Online Betting Casino Cash-in Methods to Use in 2020

Top 4 Online Betting Casino Cash-in Methods to Use in 2020

Online casino cash-in methods are entirely different when compared to live casinos. The live platform uses chips as a substitute for real money so that casino players can play conveniently in any game they want.

On online casinos, the cash-in methods are entirely different, although the concept of casino chips are the same. The chips are, however, only a representation of the online casino currency. Some casinos even ditch the use of casino chips and make a new one instead.

There are several payment methods you can choose from to cash-in your account, and we will list the most important ones in this article.

  1. Debit/Credit Card: Fast and Convenient Payment Method

This online casino cash-in method is popular because of its easy to use and convenient nature. More importantly, getting a debit or credit card is relatively easy as long as your requirements are okay.

Two famous card providers are Visa and MasterCard. Nowadays, an online website that accepts online transactions also enables payments from these two.

It is also a popular option for online bettors because of its generous limitations and speedy processing time.

Cons are still present in this method. Online casinos would usually charge unusual high amounts of processing fees. A lot of players are also experiencing card declines when they try to cash-in.

Use the debit/credit card option for faster and secure transactions online.

  1. Bank Wire Transfer: The Safest Online Casino Cash-in Method

Almost all adults have a bank account. Some people are even opening accounts on different banks to divide their savings into them. Aside from the purpose of conservation, you can also use a bank to cash-in your online casino account.

Wire transfers are known to be fast and also secure. This transaction goes through a lot of verifications to prevent failed payments and to also protect the money of the one using it.

For fast and secure transactions, always choose wire transfers.

  1. Bank Check: Online Casino Cash-in Method for Security and Safety

Aside from wire transfers, another bank-related cash-in method you can use would be bank checks. They act the same way as a wire transfer, but the difference you can quickly see is that it takes too long to process the deposit.

Most check deposits will take one month to process, so if you want to use this one, prepare to wait for a while.

  1. Bitcoin Crypto: The Leading Cryptocurrency in the Market

Bitcoin is the safe and leading cryptocurrency you can use for any online casino transactions. This online casino cash-in method provides remarkable anonymity to anyone who uses it.

Expect bitcoin transactions to be expensive because of how much demand it currently has. The higher fees are worth it for higher deposit amounts. Once the transaction is processed, the price will instantly reflect on the online casino account of the holder.

If you're only planning on cashing in a small amount of money, then you should use another method or find another cryptocurrency that would suit your needs.

Bitcoin is best used by people who want to hide their identity or for those who wish to deposit large amounts of cash in their online casino account.

This list of deposit methods are diverse, and we aim to help those that are having a hard time choosing what's best.

Start depositing by using these online casino cash-in methods to take advantage of online casino bonuses and deals.

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